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Families sleep out for Borno

Lukman Ajasa-Oluwa with Akinwunmi Ambode Volunteer Force and 47 others.
December 21 at 4:18am ·

Tonight I accepted the challenge #SleepOut4Borno by the President of Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs – Summy Smart Francis in support of over 2million internal displaced people of Borno State, Nigeria. It was about 35F in NewYork at the time and I can imagine what the families in Borno are going through without Shelter, good food, water, healthcare, Education and a safe environment to lay their heads.I hereby challenge my family, friends and other members of Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs – America to join the #SleepOut4Borno Campaign and nominate other friends and families to do the same to #EmpowerBorno.

You can also donate to rebuild Borno by clicking the DONATE NOW or go to fund me page link:

Mu Kara Hadawa

Every Nigerian needs to see this??

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